NCAR Foothills Lab Weather (metric, 5-minute)

Mesa Lab

The following weather conditions were observed at the NCAR Mesa Laboratory in southwest Boulder, CO, USA. The station elevation is 1885 meters (6184 feet).

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Status: The station will be down while the ML tower roof is replaced. However, the plots for the second wind sensor (Gill sonic) are now available on this page, and that sensor is still operational.

Weather Plots (monthly, english units)

/net/www/docs/weather/web-data/mlab/plots/ml_28tdryE.png /net/www/docs/weather/web-data/mlab/plots/ml_28rh.png /net/www/docs/weather/web-data/mlab/plots/ml_28cpres0E.png /net/www/docs/weather/web-data/mlab/plots/ml_28wspdE.png /net/www/docs/weather/web-data/mlab/plots/ml_28wdir.png /net/www/docs/weather/web-data/mlab/plots/ml_28rainaE.png /net/www/docs/weather/web-data/mlw/plots/mlw_28SpdE.png /net/www/docs/weather/web-data/mlw/plots/mlw_28Dir.png

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The realtime information is updated every five minutes. Weekly plots are generated just after noon and midnight (local) every day, while monthly plots are only generated just after midnight (local).

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This weather station was designed at the Earth Observing Laboratory of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, USA, an NSF funded organization.