Mesa Lab

The following weather conditions were observed at the NSF NCAR Mesa Laboratory in southwest Boulder, CO, USA. The station elevation is 1885 meters (6184 feet).

The Gill anemometer (labeled Mesa Lab Gill wind) replaces the original analog anemometer dating from the 1960s and is atop a 30-foot mast near the west end of Tower A. The standard weather station anemometer (labeled NSF NCAR Mesa Lab) has been in place since the mid-1990s and is about 6 feet above the roof near the east end of Tower A. An ongoing research project is underway to compare measurement differences between these two anemometers to determine if severe Chinook Wind events have been weakening over the years.

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Status: The station is back in service but still with a broken wind sensor. The second wind sensor (Gill sonic) is working.

Weather Plots (weekly, english units)

/net/weather/web-data/mlab/plots/ml_7tdryE.png /net/weather/web-data/mlab/plots/ml_7rh.png /net/weather/web-data/mlab/plots/ml_7cpres0E.png /net/weather/web-data/mlab/plots/ml_7wspdE.png /net/weather/web-data/mlab/plots/ml_7wdir.png /net/weather/web-data/mlab/plots/ml_7rainaE.png /net/weather/web-data/mlw/plots/mlw_7SpdE.png /net/weather/web-data/mlw/plots/mlw_7Dir.png
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All plots are updated every five minutes, including weekly and monthly.

This www weather station was designed at the Earth Observing Laboratory
of the NSF National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

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